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Gujarat CM makes fruitful interaction with Gujarat Business leaders regarding upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Summit

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Vijay Rupani today hold a meeting with industrial and business leaders of Gujarat to discuss planning of forthcoming historical event Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017.

He expressed confidence that Gujarat will become a powerful state to make lustrous effect in global economy. This summit will be fruitful for Indian economy and for other states of the nation as well, he added. CM Shri Rupani inspirationally appealed business leaders that to make this event historic at global level Gujarat is just a host and our industrial – business sector will give leadership. He expressed hope that under leadership of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the forthcoming series of Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit will gain new height for Indian economy by welcoming global business in our nation.

He added that 14,000 industrialists have been registered for this summit. A session will be held named as MSME session and GST implementation along with emphasizing on special focus to encourage MSME sector.

CM Shri Rupani describing specialties of this year’s Vibrant Summit said to provide new direction and guidance to innovation and ideas of Start Up youth; we will arrange a special session by inviting Nobel Prize winners. He also said that second phase of ease of doing is need of hour and Gujarat industrial friendly environment is equipped to take leadership with its 18 promotional policies.

He said that since this summit have been recognized globally; not only Gujarat but Country’s economy and industrial trade will get great momentum. He briefed about the overwhelming response received during meeting with Industry Trade leaders held at metropolitan cities including Delhi, Mumbai.

On the occasion, Chief Secretary Dr. J. N. Singh, Additional Chief Secretary to Industry Department Shri P. K. Taneja, Chairperson of CII Ms. Reena Bhagvati and FICCI President Shri Pankaj Patel were also remained present.