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Miracles for Gujarat in the field of Agriculture: The farmers and their farming have prospered

The farmers of the state, because of the support from the Central Govt., were able to recover the loss that they incurred in the 2015 Kharif season within a year itself. As many as 6 lakh farmers got a total of Rs. 1795 crores compared to earlier times when the farmers had to wait for their crop insurance.

The state government decided to provide 10 hours of uninterrupted electricity compared to the previous time period of 8 hours, to the farmers of Saurashtra for irrigation in order to aid the farmers during the monsoon season when there was scanty rainfall.

The state government made a historic decision by satisfying the age old demands of the farmers by providing them an additional electricity connection in the existing survey number of their power supply.

The farmers will now be able to use two motors in their existing power supply.

The state government, in the best interests of the farmers, decided  to allocate a 32 hectare land in the village of Bhuvala in Rajkot of Saurashtra region , which is also known as the hub of  agricultural equipments and tractor production. 

The state government decided to give an additional of 3% premium aid to the farmers in addition to the existing 5% premium aid to ensure that the farmers of the state are able to reap the maximum benefits from the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana.

The state government agreed to allocate a 32 hectare land for Farmer Machinery Training and Testing Institute (FMTTI).

The state government decided to associate 40% of the agriculture produce to the E-national Agricultural market in order to ensure that the farmers of the state get the maximum exposure to the international market.

To ensure that the farmers producing groundnuts get the market price for their produce, the state government (Civil Supplies, NAFED, GUJCOT, GUJCOMASOL, and CCI) decided to buy groundnuts from them at the market price. A wave of happiness amongst the farmers of the state after an aid of Rs. 100 crores by the state government. The state government purchased 1.61lakh tons of groundnuts at Rs.680.37 crores from the farmers.

A decision by the government for a faster development of Gujarat. The state government announced the ‘Krishi Paak Rakshan Yojana’ to ensure the safety of the farmers’ crops from pests and bugs. The government will spend Rs.750 crores in the coming 3 years. This scheme will be implemented with 50% aid of the state government to the farmers. Requests of the farmers will now be accepted in groups and they will get proper fences for their farms.

An important decision for the benefit of the farmers. The limit of settlement for the Land acquisition cases in the courts now raised to Rs. 5 Lakhs compared to the previous settlement limit of Rs. 2 lakhs.

The Radiation plant near Balva to be upgraded in order to increase the exports of state produced mangoes and its related produce.

An important decision to develop new Pack Houses in Ahmedabad, Kutch and South Gujarat in order to increase the exports of mangoes, dates and vegetables in Europe.

Skill Development programs for farmers to be organized, via P.P.P mode, throughout the state in order to ensure the economic development of the farmers, increase their production and increase their export ratio for their produce.

The decision to upgrade the farmers’ laboratories in the universities in order to increase the facilities of pesticide testing for the fruits and vegetables which are being exported to the Middle East.

In order to ensure that the work related to Phyto Certificates is completed on time for better agricultural exports, the state government has decided to hire new employees.

A decision to allocate land for a new market which will not only ensure that farmers are able to sell their produce such as fruits, vegetables etc.  at market prices but it will also ensure that the customers also benefit from the same in economic aspects. This will lead to the abolition of middlemen between farmers and buyers which will ensure that farmers are able to sell their produce at a price which is higher than the whole-sale market price thereby leading to an increase in their profits, thus making the farmers happy. Even the buyers will be able to buy the produce at lesser prices compared to the market.

An MOU between Banas Dairy and NAFED for groundnut processing. Approval of a processing plant worth Rs. 211 crores at Badarpura.

The State government’s decision to waive off tax and VAT from the purchase of groundnuts.

The state government’s decision, in favor of the farmers, to buy pigeon peas at market price. The govt. to buy pigeon peas at Rs.1010 per 20kg.