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Born at Rangoon, Barma
2nd August 1956
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                                    At Young Age image
At Young Age
Active member of RSS and ABVP
Elected as General Secretary of Student Union for Dharmendrsinhji College Rajkot
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Jailed for 11 months during emergency for protection of democracy in India
Jailed as youngest activist under M.I.S.A act
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Elected as Rajkot Municipal Corporator and Chairman of Drainage Committee
Chairman of Standing Committee at RMC
1988 to 1996
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President of Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange Limited
Mayor of Rajkot
1996 to 1997
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                                    1998 to 2002 image
1998 to 2002
Chairman of Gujarat Government's 'Menifesto Implementation Committee'
Chairman of Gujarat Tourism Corporation
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                                    2006 to 2012 image
2006 to 2012
Member of Parliament in Rajyasabha and member of water resource committee, human resource development committee, paper laid on table committee, food, custom affairs and public distribution committee, public undertaking committee
Chairman of Gujarat Municipal Finance Board
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                                    2015 image
Elected as Member of Gujarat Assembly and Minister of transport, water supply, labour and employment
President of BJP Gujarat
19th February 2016
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                                    7th August 2016 image
7th August 2016
Chief Minister of Gujarat